As a business owner, Bruce offers the customer the unique experience of interacting with the mechanic that is working on the car as well as, allowing the customer to be included in the entire process.  The passion of the car owner is respected and highly encouraged!


Meet Bruce!

He is the founder and Head Wrench Turner here at Maranello Autosport. Bruce's fascination with automobiles, like all of us car crazy people, began at a young age. In his mid-teens you could find him hanging out in the local garage, as the appeal of how the mechanics of a vehicle worked became more of an interest in his life. The owner of the garage recognized Bruce's passion and natural talent for fixing cars, which led to the shop owner mentoring him.

As the years progressed, Bruce worked at different shops across the east coast of the U.S. gaining valuable experience working on a broad range manufacturer's vehicles. In early 2001, Bruce opened up his own garage just outside of Westchester County in New York. Shortly after the tragic events of 9/11, Bruce received a phone call from Shelton Ferrari/Maserati in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The Shelton's recognized Bruce's ability to diagnose and repair a vehicle in a timely manner and they wanted him a part of their team. In 2005, Ferrari of Central Florida recruited Bruce in an effort to help with the growing Ferrari and Maserati service needs in the Central Florida area. In 2007, Ferrari sent Bruce to the factory in Italy for training to become a Ferrari Master Technician, which he obtained shortly after.

Continuing to learn more about the brands he worked for, Bruce earned his Maserati Master Technician status in 2010. He continued to work for Ferrari/Maserati of Central Florida until 2015 when an opportunity presented itself to open his own shop. 

Bruce and his wife, Elisha created Maranello Autosport to fill a void in the exotic car service business that wasn't being met by the dealer network. We want to bring back the passion and the experience of owning these amazing vehicles while offering the owners quality service at a reasonable price.

Stop by or give Bruce a call today on how we can help with servicing your exotic or classic car today.